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Adding balance

Before you do any disbursements, you will first have to add to your account balance ("prefund"). You can do this by transferring funds to Instamoney's bank accounts. You can see Instamoney's bank account details in your Dashboard. Log in to your Dashboard and go to the Prefund page.

The estimated time it takes for the prefunded balance to be detected in our system depends on the bank account and types of transfers:

Type of transfer Estimated Time
Inhouse* 15 mins
Interbank** Please contact our support team to complete the prefund

*prefunding from: i) a BCA account to Instamoney’s BCA account, or ii) a Mandiri account to Instamoney’s Mandiri account
**prefunding from bank accounts excluding BCA and Mandiri account

How to Prefund your balance

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Go to Prefund
  3. You will see Instamoney's bank account details and your account's Whitelist Prefix on the Prefund page.
    1. Click on "How to Pay" to see more detailed instructions for transfer.
    2. Copy your Whitelist Prefix - this is a unique code assigned to your account for purposes of detecting transfers from you.
  4. Process the bank transfer from your bank account to Instamoney's bank account. Make sure to input your account's whitelist prefix in the bank transfer description if the description field is available.

    The top up detection system to Instamoney's accounts relies on the description details entered in the transfer. Our systems will automatically detect the funds if the transfer description exactly matches the whitelist prefix assigned to you. Once our system detects the funds, this amount will be credited to your balance.

    However, for interbank transfers, the description may be removed by the banks. Therefore, if you used interbank transfer, please contact our support team to complete the prefund.

  5. Save the proof of transfer

    If you used inhouse transfer, funds are typically detected within the estimated times set out in the table above. However, if an issue causes delay, you can contact our support team. Our support team will require proof of transfer for the prefunding transaction.

    If you used interbank transfer, please contact our support team with the proof of transfer to complete the prefund.


Still have more questions? We're always happy to help however we can. Shoot us an email or chat to us in live chat.